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Karma 1-Week Trial Bundle

Karma 1-Week Trial Bundle

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Kickstart Your Hydration Routine with the Karma Trial Bundle

Not quite ready for your four-week supply of Karma Water? Unleash a week of delicious hydration with one of our best-selling flavors! This introductory trial pack includes everything you need to experience the difference Karma Water can make.

What's Included:

  • 7 Karma PushCaps: Choose one of the most popular flavors from our Probiotic, Energy, or CBD lines. Karma’s patented Push Cap protects the active ingredients until the minute you’re ready to drink – guaranteeing you’ll receive the highest level of nutritional benefits!
  • 1 Reusable Karma Water Bottle: Our BPA-free reusable water bottle is designed to be used with the Karma Hydration Kit PushCaps for ultimate convenience. Its unique two-piece design ensures effortless cleaning, while its top-rack, dishwasher-safe feature adds extra convenience.

Available Functions & Flavors:

Karma Probiotic Caps

Digestive Health & Immune Support
Available Trial Pack Flavors: Berry Cherry, Blueberry Lemonade
Karma Probiotic Water delivers more than 10X the active probiotic cultures than yogurt.
With 2 billion cultures, 100% of 6 essential vitamins and only 20 calories, Karma Probiotic Water optimizes digestive health and immune support.

Karma Energy Caps

Natural Energy & Mental Focus
Available Trial Pack Flavors: Raspberry Peach, Melon Dragonfruit
Meticulously formulated with 150mg natural caffeine, patented nootropic Cognizin®, adaptogens, and vitamins, Karma Energy Water delivers the ultimate, natural energy boost for your body and mind.

Karma CBD Caps

Holistic Health & Immune Support
Available Trial Pack Flavors: Blueberry Yuzu, Blood Orange Papaya
Karma CBD Water features a proprietary blend of broad-spectrum CBD distillate, adaptogens, and essential vitamins without the use of preservatives. With only 25 calories per bottle, our nourishing adaptogens soothe inflammation and nourish the endocannabinoid system.

After experiencing your Trial Bundle, why stop there? Build your full Karma routine! This trial pack is your springboard to a four-week Karma Hydration Kit. Experience the difference, then stock up on your favorite flavors for long-lasting, delicious well-being!


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