The active ingredients found in premixed vitamin drinks diminish sharply over time. So while there may be the stated level of vitamins at the time of bottling, there may be substantially less by the time you drink it. That's why we developed Karma.

While other brands may make empty promises, Karma’s patented Push Cap protects the active ingredients until the minute you’re ready to drink – guaranteeing you’ll receive the highest level of nutritional benefits.

Karma's patented push cap Karma's patented push cap
Proprietary blend of essential vitamins & cultures Proprietary blend of essential vitamins & cultures
All protected in Karma's push cap until you're ready to drink All protected in Karma's push cap until you're ready to drink

Karma’s Push Cap is the only dispensing cap with a hermetic seal, providing an airtight chamber to optimize freshness and potency.

Our Team of Trusted Advisors

Dr. Michael Maloney, M.D

Orthopedic Surgery & Sports Medicine of URMC

Dr. Maloney, Chief of the Orthopedic Sports Medicine Division, has a broad medical practice which consists of reconstructive surgery of the knee, shoulder, and elbow, and arthroscopy of the knee, shoulder, and elbow for patients of all ages in the Rochester, NY region and beyond. He is the Team Physician for the Rochester Red Wings and area college sports teams. Dr. Maloney earned his medical degree from Georgetown University. He completed his surgical residency at URMC Orthopedics and the Sports Medicine Fellowship at the Kerlan-Jobe Orthopaedic Clinic.

Dr. Maloney has authored numerous medical journal articles on topics such as the biomechanics of the injured and uninjured knee and experimental gene therapy for cartilage repair. He is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon, Director of URMC Orthopedics' University Sports Medicine, and a Professor of Orthopedics at URMC.

Dr. Susan Timbo, Ph.D.

Health Science Consulting, LLC

Dr. Susan Trimbo is a career professional specializing in nutrition and health with 30+ years of experience. She has extensive scientific and regulatory experience related to the development and marketing of nutritional products targeting both the medical and consumer markets. Dr. Trimbo currently serves as President of Health Science Consulting, LLC, a consultancy that provides scientific and regulatory support to companies focusing on heath & wellness.

Previously, Dr. Trimbo served as senior Vice President, Scientific Affairs for General Nutrition Centers, where she managed a broad spectrum of scientific and regulatory matters.

Prior to joining GNC, Dr. Trimbo was part of the research and development team at Clintec International, a Baxter-Nestle medical nutrition venture. Dr. Trimbo earned her doctorate at Cornell University, concentrating in food chemistry, nutrition, and biochemistry. She completed postdoctoral training in the Department of Surgery at Harvard Medical School. She is a member of the American Society for Nutrition.

Dr. David C. Madsen, Ph.D.

Manager of Biomedical & Nutrition Science

A seasoned and versatile manager of biomedical science with technical and practical experience in various aspects of nutrition, from basic science to implementation and marketing support.

Experience and technical skills:
Innovation (discovery and development); Scientific/Medical writing and editing; Pre-clinical and Clinical Trial Management; Competitive and Client Intelligence; Corporate Communications Support; Marketing Support; Regulatory
Support; Intellectual Property.

Dr. Marjolaine Meyer, P.h.D.

Food Science & Technology at ADM

  • Dr. Meyer earned her PhD in Food Science & Technology from the University of Cranfield (Bedfordshire, UK) (2006-2009)
  • Postdoc in Food Science & Technology at the University of Cranfield (Bedfordshire, UK) (2009-2010)
  • Key professional career highlights before ADM include Scientific Coordinator at Naturex (now part of Givaudan), 2010-2014
  • R&D and Product Manager Nutraceuticals in a Spanish company (top 2 company in Spain in the food industry sector) (2014-2020)
  • Joined ADM on 1st Jan 2021 as Global CD&D Accelerator FibersolTM and Functional Botanicals (technical & scientific support to customers projects, definition and implementation of the strategy and resources for supporting the H&W growth with Fibersol and Functional Botanicals).

Beth Roberts, MS, CFS

Principal Scientist at ADM

Beth Roberts is a Principal Scientist at ADM. Roberts has her Master’s Degree in Food Science from the University of Illinois earning her certification in Food Science. Beth has been in the food development field for almost 20 years, primarily in Beverage Development.

Anne Dobbertin, FNTP, RWPM, CGP

CEO and President of Restoring Wellness, LLC

Certifications Include:

  • Nutritional Therapy Association – Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (FNTP)
  • Restorative Wellness Solutions (Master level) – Gastrointestinal Healing, Optimizing Hormones, Nutritional Blood Chemistry, Autoimmune, Mycotoxins and Biotoxins, Genetics, Brain
    Neurology (RWP-M)
  • Dr. Tom O’Brien’s Gluten Practitioner (CGP)
  • National Strength and Conditioning Association
  • Precision Nutrition

Karen E. Todd, RD, MBA

Karen E. Todd is a registered dietitian with more than 25 years’ experience in exercise performance and nutritional product development and education.  Currently, she is the Vice President of Global Brand Marketing for Kyowa Hakko USA. Karen holds Bachelor of Science degrees in both Scientific Nutrition and Food Science Technology from Texas A&M University and an MBA from the Huizenga School of Business at Nova Southeastern University.

Just PEEL, PUSH, SHAKE, and enjoy the healthy benefits only Karma can deliver.

It's time to believe in Karma - the one with the cap!

  • karma water bottle peel


    Peel off KARMA's protective seal

  • karma water bottle push


    Push to infuse fresh vitamins

  • karma water bottle shake


    Shake to initiate health benefits

  • karma water bottle transform


    Water into wellness