Cheers to Good Karma

We're thrilled that you've ordered your very own Karma Hydration Kit! Get ready to elevate your hydration game and embrace a healthier lifestyle. To ensure you make the most of your kit, we've prepared a quick video guide for you. In just 30 seconds, you'll learn how to use your new Hydration Kit like a pro! Watch the video below to discover the simple steps to unlock the goodness of Karma Water.

Karma Hydration Kits offer flexibility and customization. With over 700 different combinations, feel free to experiment with different flavors each order and embrace healthy hydration on your terms!

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    Leaky Bottle?

    If you're experiencing any leaks when shaking your bottle, it's most likely due to water getting onto the threads. To help prevent this, make sure the threads on both the bottle and the cap are completely dry before filling it with water. For a precise 18 oz. water capacity, remember to put the top piece on before filling through the smaller opening. We want to assure you that the two-piece bottle design has been expertly crafted and engineered to provide you with easy cleaning and a leak-free experience. The seal on the top piece has been specifically designed and tested to keep leaks at bay. Just to be on the safe side, always ensure that the cap is securely fastened to the bottle before giving it a good shake.

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    Cap Questions?

    We understand our PushCap is a unique feature, so to help you make the most of it, the Karma team has pushed thousands of caps and created some best practices to optimize your experience! We recommend starting with your bottle on a hard, flat surface. Once you've removed the sticker, apply pressure with your thumb directly downwards until you feel a slight release and observe the vitamins and nutrients starting to dispense into the bottle. We suggest tapping on cap to help dispense the ingredients more effectively before beginning to shake. If you find it challenging to push down the cap, don't worry! Feel free to get creative and use an aid, such as a the bottom of a pen or a spoon handle, to assist you in applying downward pressure.

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Never Get Caught Without Your Bottle

Want a second bottle for the office? Need a backup for when you forgot to run the dishwasher like you said you would? Does your partner keep stealing yours?

Whatever the reason... go ahead, treat yourself!

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