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Get the most essential vitamins & active ingredients with our revolutionary Push Cap technology

The Karma PushCap

Designed for Optimal Nutrition

Nutrients in premixed drinks deteriorate over time. But Karma’s patented, protective Push Cap guarantees that our proprietary blends of vitamins and nutrients are delivered at optimal potency.

Maximum nutritional benefits


Essential Vitamins


All natural flavors

Gluten Free

Low sugar & low calorie

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Natural Energy & Mental Focus

Energy Water

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Digestive Health & Immune Support

Probiotic Water

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Holistic Health & Immune Support

CBD Water

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Introducing Karma Hydration Kits

Enjoy the convenience and savings of Karma Water delivered directly to your home. The Karma Healthy Hydration Starter Kit includes a reusable bottle plus a 4-week push cap supply of your favorite Karma varieties.

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"Stay hydrated while boosting your immunity"

“Karma is the perfect match for an active lifestyle.”

“If you’re in the mood for something that’ll keep you hydrated, try Karma Water.”

“All you have to do is pick your cap and push to unlock undiluted vitamins and nutrients.”

“These are one of my absolute favorites.”

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