Q&A with CJ Rapp, CEO and Founder of Karma Water

Q&A with CJ Rapp, CEO and Founder of Karma Water

In this article, CJ Rapp, Co-Founder and CEO of Karma Water, sits down with Convenience Store Industry News and sheds light on the inspiration behind Karma Energy Water. (Article originally published in the Convenience Store Industry News, Pre-Show Edition, October 3, 2023).

Q: You created Jolt Cola back in 1986, which enjoyed widespread recognition and success long before the rise of the energy drink marketplace. What brings you back to energy?

A: It’s clear there has always been a market for beverages that provide energy. Jolt was innovative in that it was one of the first to address this need through a functional beverage experience - but it was also a product reflective of consumers at that time. Since the 80’s consumer preferences have evolved and it is time energy drinks adapted, too. We’re seeing the same demand, but today’s consumers want a healthier form of energy. The inspiration behind Karma Energy Water is all about delivering on the two promises of natural and energy.

Q: What sets Karma Energy Water apart from other energy drinks on the market?

A: While the marketplace has seen a boom as the demand for energy increases, other “healthy” energy brands use sucralose, erythritol and other processed or artificial ingredients. Very soon the consumer will demand better.  Karma Energy truly delivers on the promise of a natural energy drink.

Q: What led you to explore the incorporation of nootropics in your new energy drink? 

A: Our dedication to innovation and pushing boundaries motivated us to explore the world of nootropics. These cognitive enhancers intrigued us due to their potential to not only boost physical energy but also enhance mental focus and clarity. By partnering with Kyowa USA and utilizing their patented nootropic Cognizin®, we were able to infuse Karma Energy Water with these benefits, giving it a distinctive edge in the market.

Q: Collaborating with Kyowa USA and their patented nootropic Cognizin® is remarkable. How did this partnership come about? 

A: The partnership with Kyowa USA was a result of shared values and a mutual commitment to innovation. We were drawn to their reputation for high-quality ingredients and scientific rigor. The inclusion of Cognizin®, a well-studied and trusted nootropic, aligns perfectly with our mission to offer a functional drink that supports both mental and physical energy. This collaboration underscores our dedication to bringing cutting-edge solutions to health-conscious consumers.

Q: What message do you hope to convey to consumers about Karma Energy Water? 

A: Very simply, Karma Energy is a natural energy drink… that is actually natural. No processed sugars, no artificial ingredients, no preservatives. It's an effective and mindful choice for those who prioritize their well-being. 

Q: Are there any future innovations can we expect from Karma Water?

A: Our inventive spirit remains at the core of everything we do. Moving forward, you can expect us to explore new horizons in functional beverages. We'll continue to prioritize quality, health, and wellness. 

For more information on Karma Energy email info@drinkkarma.com.

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